Mark – VA

I build telescoping stabilizers for compact and medium frame tractors. I am a sole proprietor, and I needed an economical but reliable iron worker to make quality and repeatable cuts in flat steel.  I have been using my MP4500FS for 5 years now. I shear and punch with it daily, 5 days a week. To date, I’ve had zero issues with it- it has been absolutely reliable and effective for my needs. Part of the process of building stabilizers is bending steel, which I have been doing with an air over hydraulic shop press. I need to streamline my process, and I need more effective equipment for bending 3/8″ steel. So, I just ordered a second Metal Pro ironworker- one for shearing, and the other for bending. The machines are so cost effective that it is more reasonable to have one for each need, versus swapping the shear station with the press brake every day or two. I chose Metal Pro equipment because of the value, and that they are manufactured in the US. Both are very important. I have not been disappointed. The machines are simple- that is my favorite feature. I believe in streamlined design- the less complicated a machine is, the more reliable and durable. After 5 years of use, my MP4500 is as tight and precise as it was the day I received it.