Bruce – MS

I purchased a metalpro 4500fs about 2 years ago. I am a long-time woodworker and wanted to expand to metal working.  I made a shelf for my square notcher, pipe notcher and punch hardware to hang on the side.  I also made a set of drawers to hold the punch and die sets.  I made these and many other projects using the mp4500 to cut the angle iron, bar stock and rounds as necessary.  I also used these projects to improve my (non-existent) welding skills. I have now begun some more decorative work making wrought iron gates. All angle, bar and round stock is cut with the mp4500. I also used the mp4500 to punch all holes needed. The mp4500fs makes quick work of cutting and punching.  It’s easy to make duplicate parts and notches to fit parts together.  It’s far superior to cutting with drill bits and grinding wheels.  Of course, chop saws and drills are cheaper initially, but the time and effort saved is worth it.