About Us

Built By Fabricators For Fabricators

Since 1994 MetalPro has been committed to building precise, effective, affordable ironworkers and benders at a fraction of our competitors. We believe that you do not need to spend big to get an ironworker or bender with big abilities. So, we built a line of machines that performs time after time and to make it even better we made them all run off 110volts!

Why MetalPro?

Lifetime Customer Support

Our commitment to our customers does not end at the sale. We strive to offer top notch customer service with any project or problem that our customers encounter years down the road. With knowledgeable staff who are committed to find a solution to your needs.

Custom Builds

Whether you need a special Punch and Die Set, Brake, Notcher, or even machine build our team has you covered. MetalPro has helped customers all over the country go above and beyond to get the job done.

Accelerated Response

MetalPro strives to be fast and efficient for our customers. This means when you call or email, you talk to an actual person. Need a quote? Don’t wait days for a response. Our customers are busy, and time is valuable. So, we make it a priority to come up with a solution as fast as possible.

Rapid Shipping

Our customers need machines, accessories, and parts NOW. So, we make it a priority to have stock on hand to ship out anywhere in the country. All of our machine and accessories are made in USA with Headquarters in Hamilton, MI.